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Command Line Options
 Command Line Options

These options are used at the DOS prompt. The options are not case sensitive, and many can be used in the DOS box of Windows, unless otherwise noted. PC/MS-DOS versions older than 6.0 may not support some of these features.

attrib , Remove all attributes (same as ATTRIB -h -r -s *.*) which removes hidden, read-only, and system attributes.
dir , Show all files including hidden files (MS/PC-DOS only, not supported in any Windows versions).
dir ... Use "three periods" to show all directories that do not have extensions. (MS/PC-DOS only).
fdisk 1/ext:1400 Create a 1400 MB extended partition on the first disk (1).
fdisk 1/log:600 Create a 600 MB logical FAT drive on the first disk (1).
fdisk 2/pri:900 Create a 900 MB primary FAT partition on the second disk (2).
fdisk /actok Skip disk integrity checks. This is faster, but less safe.
/fdisk /cmbr Replaces the MBR boot up code on specified disk. Similar to FDISK /MBR except can be used on other disk drives.
fdisk /fprmt Force FAT32 support (no prompting), including partition sizes less than 512 MB. (Only works on FDISK supplied with Windows 95 OSR2 and later).
fdisk /mbr

Replaces the MBR boot up code on the first disk. Does NOT change the partition table data. If System Commander is installed, this command will temporally disable System Commander, or other products that must install in the MBR.

fdisk /partn Saves the partition to a file named PARTSAV.FIL.
fdisk /q Prevents fdisk from booting the system automatically after exiting fdisk (the default state when running from Windows 9x).
fdisk /status View the current status of your hard disks.
format /autotest Formats without confirming you want to format.
format /backup Format will only asks for the volume label name (no confirm to format question).
mem /a Includes space available in HMA area.
set dircmd=0 Hides all directories (yet they are still accessible). Use SET DIRCMD= to clear.
truename file Show the entire path for the specified file.
ver /r Show version and if DOS is located in the HMA area.

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