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Summary Linux with a strong bent towards Unix like operation. Now uses the 2.6 Kernel.
News 4-Nov-2014 Slackware 14.1 released
13-Oct-2012 Slackware 14.0 available
25-Apr-2011 Slackware 13.37 is released
19-May2010 Slackware 13.1 is released
27-Aug-2009 Slackware 13.0 is released
9-Dec-2008 Released version 12.2
1-May-2008 Released version 12.1
2-Jul-2007 Released version 12.0
1-Oct-2006 Released version 11.0
13-Sep-2005 Released version 10.2
6-Feb-2005 Released version 10.1
23-Jun-2004 Released version 10.0
25-Sep-2003 Released version 9.1
19-Mar-2003 Released version 9.0
18-Jun-2002 Released version 8.1
30-Jun-2001 Released version 8.0
24-Jun-2000 Released version 7.1, with 2.2.16 Kernel
Product Slackware 13 - Check requirements at the slackware site for updates.
Processor Any 486 CPU or better
RAM 128 MB (1 GB+ recommended)
Drive space 5 GB+ for full install
Drives Runs from hard disk, USB flash drive
Video VGA or better
File systems Ext2, read/write access to FAT
Compatibility Linux programs
DOS programs (most)
Interface Native text based interface. GUI support included with various desktops.
Installation Can be installed on primary or logical partitions, any drive
Variants Workstation
Versions 7.1 22-Jun-2000
8.0 30-Jun-2001
8.1 16-Jun-2002
9.0 19-Mar-2003
9;1 25-Sep-2003
10.0 23-Jun-2004
10.1 6-Feb-2005
10.2 Sep-2005
11.0 Oct-2006
12.0 Jul-2007
12.1 May-2008
12.2 Dec-2008
13.0 Aug-2009
13.1 May-2010
13.3 Apr-2011
14.0 Oct-2012
14.1 Nov-2013
Downloads Download Linux Page
SLAX Download Page (CD/USB bootable)
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SLAX Bootable CD/USB Home
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Publisher Slackware Linux
4041 Pike Lane, Suite F
Concord, CA 94520

Phone 925-674-0783
Support 60 Days free e-mail installation support, free forum support
Alternatives Other Linuxes, Windows, Solaris
Secrets Command Line Windows/DOS equivalents
Pricing Download - Free
Slackware Store - CD - $32.99; DVD $49.95
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