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Other OSes

This is a more complete list of other OSes that do not fit a specific category. It shows links to The OS Files (bold items), or related publishers or organizations web sites. Versions for embedded applications and non-x86 platforms are not included.

AROS logo
AROS AROS Research Operating System is a lightweight, efficient and flexible desktop OS that is compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 at the API level.
BeOS logo
BeOS Desktop OS optimized for video and sound, no longer available or supported
CP/M Created by Digital Research, sold and resold to a number of companies including Novell, Caldera and lastly Lineo. Source code is available. The last version available was written for 8086/8088, but the design pre-dates MS-DOS (i.e. it's really old).
CTOS Owned by Unisys - No longer sold or supported.
eComStation logo
eComStation Successor to OS/2 using the OS/2 code base
Netware logo
Haiku Haiku OS based on BeOS
Netware logo
NetWare Novell's Server OS - No longer supported.
SkyOS GUI OS for x86
OS/2 IBM's full GUI Multitasking OS - No longer sold or supported.
Pick OS appears to be no longer supported. The url used to redirect to, but the site no longer works at
Plan 9
Plan 9 Bell Labs created this OS that was available for free.
QNX Embedded OS for the x86 platform
ReactOS logo
ReactOS ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Windows XP applications and drivers.
Syllable logo
Syllable Designed for ease of use, it provides both desktop and server versions. The server version based on Linux. The desktop is custom code not based on Linux, and both are free.
THEOS Multi-user low cost OS.
Visopsys An open-source compact multitasking GUI OS in development.

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