Other Unix

This is a more complete list and links to The OS Files (bold items), related UNIX publishers or organizations web sites. Versions for embedded applications and non-x86 platforms are not included.

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Darwin BSD based open-source OS, used in Mac OS X.
FreeBSD UNIX specifically for x86 platform, and a few others.
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OS X Apple Mac OS X - Workstation and Server
NetBSD UNIX for many different CPU platforms including x86.
NextStep Predecessor to OpenStep - No longer available. (Based in part on BSD 4.3)
OpenBSD Small compact OS with high security
OpenStep Purchased by Apple, but no longer available or supported.
OpenServer Older server OS, now sold by Xinuos
Solaris Advanced UNIX for Servers and Desktops from Oracle.
UnixWare Older unix, now sold by Xinuos

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