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Summary Windows Vista is Microsoft's replacement for Windows XP. Its main technology changes include Aero graphics with a completely new look and feel, Indigo a messaging technology based on Web Services, Security upgrades, Anti-Spyware, IE7, and more.

There are a number of Home versions with different price points.

Home Basic N: This OEM only version is primarily for Europe and is the same as Home Basic, but removes Microsoft's Media Player (for anti-trust reasons). N versions have been quite unpopular in the past.

Home Basic is designed for basic functions such as email and web surfing. Lacks Aero graphics and extra multimedia applications that are available in the Premium version.
News 25-Feb-2010 Vista RTM Support has ended as of April 13, 2010

18-Mar-2008 SP1 Officially released

29-Jan-2007 Now available.

9-Nov-2006 Released to production (for OEMs), consumer release date set at January 30, 2007.

12-Sep-2006 Vista Beta 2 RC1 ships

23-May-2006 Vista Beta 2 ships

21-Mar-2006 Microsoft postpones consumer versions of Vista until January 2007. Corporate versions are still planned for November 2006.

22-Jul-2005 Microsoft announces product name - Windows Vista

April-2003 - Microsoft at WINHEC announces Longhorn planned release in 2005.

This is a new desktop OS, planned for release in 2003 or 2004.
(InfoWeek Dec 10, 2001, pg 45).
Product Windows Vista Home Basic N
Processor Vista Capable: 800 MHz processor
Vista Premium: 1 GHz processor (for Aero 3D interface)
RAM Vista Capable: 512 MB
Vista Premium: 1 GB (for Aero 3D interface)
Drive space 15 GB
Drives DVD drive required
Video Vista Capable:SVGA with DirectX capable graphics processor - 128 MB recommended
Vista Premium: SVGA with 32-bit color, Pixel Shader 2.0, DirectX capable graphics processor with WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) support. 128 MB recommended (for Aero 3D interface)
File systems NTFS, FAT32
Compatibility Support for legacy WIn32 applications, but existing Windows apps may need to be modified to be native under Vista. Applications with drivers will need to be updated for Vista.
Interface View Vista Desktop Screenshots and more
Installation Requires installation into NTFS partition. For multi-boot situations, it will alter other Windows boot partitions and attempt to take control, so we recommend hiding all partitions from Vista during installation.
Variants Windows Starter 2007
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Basic N (No Media Player)
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Business N (No Media Player)
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Enterprise

Windows release timeline
May-2004 Build 4074
May-2005 Beta 1
Dec-2005 Beta 1 updated
Feb-2006 CTP Test build
Apr-2006 Customer Preview
May-2006 Beta 2
Sep-2006 Beta 2 RC1
Oct-2006 Beta 2 RC2
Jan-2007 6.0 First release
Mar- 2008 SP1
May-2009 SP2

Downloads None.
Links Microsoft
Windows Vista Features
Windows Vista Developer Page
Microsoft Pressroom
Sysinternals Advanced System Utilities
Microsoft Technet resources for IT
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Microsoft Corporation
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Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Phone 1-206-635-7000 (support)

Support Yes, by OEM vendor who sells this version, not Microsoft.
Alternatives Other Vista versions, Windows XP, Linux
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Look for "Fiji" the interim SP1 release after Vista - likely for release in 2008.

Click here for Microsoft codenames.
Pricing OEM pricing is not known.
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