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As of 2006 these are some of the OS codes names Microsoft has been using for its' OSes and related components.

Vienna More recent code name for Windows Vista's successor, also referred to as Windows 7.
Blackcomb An early code name for the OS to be released after Windows Vista in the future. It's also gone by the name Vienna and Windows 7.
Fuji Windows Vista Service Pack 1.
Longhorn Code name used for Windows Vista and Server 2008.
WinFX This is a large group of technologies for new APIs.
Avalon This is the presentation subsystem for Windows Vista and beyond. The release name is the catchy "Windows Presentation Foundation" or WPF for short.
Indigo This is the messaging subsystem of WinFX. The released name is Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
Yukon SQL Server 2005

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